Navigating Aquis

One person, one moment, one decision can change the course of your entire life.

Pete Drake has successfully scrambled to figure out how things work at the interdimensional Academy of Omniosophical Arts and Sciences. Now it’s time to settle in. But unknowns (both promising and paralyzing) once again threaten to throw him off balance. He’s over the moon to go on his first first date; however, in so doing, he learns some disturbing information about his fabled mother.  

Just when he thinks his brain can take no more, he discovers time travel is possible. It’s also treacherous. 

Navigating Aquis is the fifth installment in Peyton Drake’s seven-part Mind the Portal story by ocademy plenipotentiary J.S.D. Johnston. The 18,000-word fantasy novella takes Pete through some key rites of passage far from the safety and surety of home.   

Available for Kindle & in print, or as a complimentary PDF, Audio book, and more for members of Omni's Bibliothefairy's Apprentice community.

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