Here Be Kraken

Once you take a stand, you can never sit back down.

After putting a pair of intellectual bullies in their place, fourteen-year-old Pete Drake finds himself accepted by those in the upper echelon of the interdimensional Omni Ocademy’s student body. He quickly learns that “swimming with the big fish” comes with expectations and responsibilities he’s not sure if he wants, let alone is ready for.

Not everyone is a fan of Pete’s though, as he finds out when a fellow student vows to avenge her mother who was reportedly wronged by Pete’s mom, Cassie, when the two women attended the academy two decades prior. And then there are the matters of playing sports and dating—neither of which he’s Pete’s before.

Here Be Kraken is the fourth installment in Peyton Drake’s seven-part Mind the Portal story by ocademy plenipotentiary J.S.D. Johnston. The 22,000-word fantasy novella transitions Pete from spectator to active player in his own life. 

Available for Kindle & in print, or as a complimentary PDF, Audio book, and more for members of Omni's Bibliothefairy's Apprentice community.

* * *

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