How to

Read, Write, Reap Rewards

Playing Omnopoly is easier than rolling a pair of dice. No "rules" required. Simply enjoy one of the 7 short novellas included in game #1 and answer the questions in the chapter forms provided. If you need to stop mid-game or want an easy-get-to-link where you can pick up where you left off, make sure to download the Chapter Links PDF available on each chapter form.

Winners for tangible swag will be drawn from all who submit the full story's answer forms. Your email address will enable us to communicate with you. 


Feel free to go at your own pace. The first 14 novella's games are now available. You can either read/play a chapter at a time or bingeplay if you speed through the books. If you're chomping at the bit to get your goodies more quickly, you can get advance copies of the books for free by joining the  Bibliothefairy's Apprentice program starting at the $5/month level.